About Melanie Genuinely

Melanie Genuinely seeks to make an impact anywhere she goes.  Her objective is to solve problems by listening to and implementing effective strategies for those that enlist her help.  With 20+ years of active public service, Melanie is no stranger to the ever-changing needs and demands of not only diverse personalities, but businesses as well.  In an effort to leave a lasting legacy, she utilizes her vast experience and wisdom to impact those around her and the next generation.  Melanie Genuinely is on a mission to change lives.  

Experience & Qualification

27 years of public and customer service experience.

28 years of experience mentoring the youth and young adults.

Over 10 years experience of formulating problem solving strategies for businesses, non profits, and individuals.

Has conducted character building presentations for thousands of youth.

Self-Esteem Workbook: 31 Days Of Self-Esteem Building